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I know you can feel it. The world is shifting. You are about to witness the greatest revolution in modern history…the cannabis revolution. I admit, that I never thought I would see such a major shift happening in my lifetime, but it is here and it is here to stay. Dr. Sanjay Gupta made worldwide headlines with the CNN special Weed. He is already on Weed 3 and social media is buzzing with what he will share next. I’ll never forget when I watched Weed 2, Dr. Gupta made a statement that stuck with me because I was deeply involved in the cannabis profession specializing in the phytocannabinoid, CBD. He said “Cannabidiol. Remember that name.”

He said many incredible things about the cannabis industry and followed many families on their pursuit to wellness through cannabinoid therapy. Millions watched with anticipation as he bravely told the world that he participated in deceiving the public about cannabis and in particular, marijuana. I vividly recall the number of text messages and phone calls I was getting as people who previously laughed at my decision to say “yes” to this profession that chose me, now became intensely interested in what I was doing.

Clergymen, politicians, physicians, non-profit organizations and other professionals began reaching out to me to inquire about how they could support the movement to bring back the therapies that have been held away from humanity for far too long. There is still some division among people about the benefits of cannabis, and I believe much of it stems from the unwillingness to release long-held misconceptions that we’ve been taught for so long. Although the division still exists, day by day the walls are coming down. Compassion is reigning over political, social and religious views, and the research is proving what many have known for centuries…that there are tremendous benefits to cannabis. If the research doesn’t compel you to take a second look, then surely the changed lives of those that have had their quality of life enhanced tremendously should certainly do the trick. The revolution is here…and it’s about time.