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I remember a time when I was like most of the world. I thought both hemp and marijuana were exactly the same with the names were simply interchangeable. They are both cannabis plants…cannabis sativa L. to be exact. However, there are some differences and I’d like to highlight them for you here.

  1. Hemp is a tall and very sturdy plant. It is said to have over 50,000 uses! It has been used all sativa-and-indica-280x392throughout history for many different applications such as textiles (rope and fabric), oils, and food. These days it is being used to make cars, building material, nutritional supplements and even a new form of concrete. Because of the strength and sturdiness of the plant, it requires different growing conditions than marijuana.
  2. Hemp naturally has a very low THC content and marijuana has a naturally higher content. The maximum THC content for the cannabis to be considered hemp is 0.3%. Marijuana’s THC content is averaging anywhere from 5-20% or more. Hemp plants actually produce more CBD than THC and marijuana plants are the exact opposite, producing more THC than CBD. I found it quite interesting to learn that CBD can actually neutralize the THC “high”.
  3. Hemp is mostly a male plant that is generally free from flowering buds, while marijuana is the female plant produced in growing conditions that are good for producing potent flowers and buds. Hemp is grown mostly outside and doesn’t require as much detail and care paid to it as marijuana does with the flowers and buds.

I hope this was useful in explaining the difference between hemp and marijuana. Keep checking out this blog because I’m going to go into deeper detail of the differences as it relates to the legal status of hemp and marijuana in the very near future.