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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people that learn about Kannavita Select get really excited about us and either want to get access to the products or they want to join our team of certified representatives. Even with the excitement, we understand that along the way there will be questions and we are delighted to answer them for you.

Are your products legal?

Yes! Although the industrial hemp used to create the Kannavita Select Blends is a special variety of Cannabis Sativa- which is a relative of Marijuana- our products do not contain the psychoactive properties found in Marijuana. Unlike medical marijuana, you do not need any special permits to purchase or consume our products. It is imported into the USA under approved tariff codes as a dietary supplement and can be purchased online and shipped to your home anywhere in USA and other approved countries. The same is in Europe – it is legal for internal use, without claims. In Australia Hemp Oil is legal for external (cosmetic) use only. The Kannavita Select products also do not contain illegal amounts of THC.

Are these products the same as Medical Marijuana?

No. Our products use phytocannabinoid-rich oil from organically grown Industrial Hemp.  The Industrial Hemp does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC (as Marijuana does) therefore, it is not limited to serving sizes of 10-30mg which makes Industrial Hemp a much more practical source of Cannabinoids.

Will your products get me high?

No. The hemp oil in our products is made entirely from Industrial Hemp. It does not contain the psychoactive cannabiniod THC. In fact, CBD has the property of being anti-psychoactive.

Are your products clean?

We recognize that unclean and synthetic oil  is a huge issue in our industry and we've taken great care to source our oil from a clean, natural and organic source in Northern Europe. We use some of the purest Non-GMO Industrial Hemp oil available today. The oil is grown with great care and attention without the use of herbicides and pesticides. We also use a chemical-free clean, super critical CO2 extraction process for the oils.

What is the shelf life of your blends?

Great question! The shelf life is 1 year if refrigerated.  We do recommend that you refrigerate your product after opening.

I have been a nurse for 23 years.  My patient's health and well-being were always my top priority. Kannavita CBD products are helping make our planet healthier; and doing our part to create a better place for our children to have a better quality of life for generations to come.  I've seen the benefits in myself and with those who have added it to their supplement routine.


Steven Ranaldo

Emergency Nurse

I am over eighty years old and my years as a nurse and my love of gardening have taken their toll.  I still get out and garden however I have been experiencing a great deal of discomfort in my joints and body. A friend recommended that I try the Kannavita Premium oils and I'm sure glad I did. I began taking a dropper in the morning and night of Kannavita Nutrient blend and within a few days began felt huge amounts of relief. I now use it everyday!

Eden Hazard

Grandma/Retired RN

Sleeping had become a real challenge.  I had gradually gotten to the point in my life where I slept very lightly or not at all.  Now, I use my vaporizing pen with the Kannavita oil.  With a few puffs immediately before going to bed and I sleep soundly for a straight 7 hours every night. Consequently, I wake up totally refreshed and full of energy. This has improved my life in many ways.  Thank you!


Leo Messi

Retired Oral Surgeon